6" Airway Buffing Kit-Stainless Steel
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6" Airway Stainless Steel Polishing kit was designed for use on all Stainless Steel surfaces.  These include large and small panels on trucks and motorhomes, air cleaners, and window trim on older vehicles.  The kit includes our Flathead drill adapter.  A 3/8" drill with an rpm rating of 2500 is preferred, along with a trigger lock.  The 6" buffing pads can also be mounted on any bench buffer that has a 1/2" shaft.  A Baldor 111 and 114 both have 1/2" shafts.  

Kit contents:
1/2" Flathead adapter
(1) 6" yellow airway
(1) 6" medium airway
(1) Emery compound
(1) Green compound

First step is to mount yellow airway onto drill, and grind the pad into the Emery bar compound.  The friction will melt the compound on to the pad.  Buff all surfaces with this compound and pad first.  This is called the "cut" step.  Next, mount the medium airway on to drill, and use this with the Green compound for your final finish.

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6" Airway Buffing Kit-Stainless Steel

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