Excellent size for hard to reach areas using hand held buffer. Also great on smaller 1/3-1/4hp bench buffers or drills. Designed for use with #60010 flathead drill adapter or #60050 buffer adapter. Comes in yellow (firm), medium off-white, or Domet materials.



How to Use: 

  1. Mount pad to drill using 1/2" flat head drill adaptor 
  2. Use yellow pad for removing light oxidation pits and scratches, and white pad for finishing.
  3. Grind rotating pad into buffing compounds such as tripoli, green, or white rouge. This melts compound onto pads.
  4. Use 6" airways on drills, small bench motors, and off the end of our flexshafts to buff harder to reach areas.


  • All the benefits of the larger airway pads, in a smaller package.
  • The pleated construction has several key advantages. The pleats not only trap air and thus runs cooler than full disc pads but also minimize the buffing lines full disk pads produce. Allows a larger contact patch which eliminates the uneven luster associated with full disk spiral stitched pads. Best for all thin metal such as trim, etc.
  • Superior results over full disk pads when using a drill.
  • Item #: 62306

6" Airway Buffing Pad-Yellow

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