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Baldor buffers are engineered for maximum reliability under the most demanding conditions. All buffers listed are single phase. Three phase is available in 3/4 hp and larger single speeds.Call for details. Single speed buffers are recommended for buffing one type of metal. Pinhole extensions available for all single speed buffers.

1/4 and 1/3hp use 6" buffing pads
3/4hp use 8" pads
1 and 1 1/2 hp use 10" pads

The 410B buffer is designed for buffing medium to large STEEL trim pieces and parts.  Rpm is 3600.  Use with 10" airway or full disk pads.  Recommended compounds are Emery, Green, and Ultra Green.  This is our most powerful low cost buffer for steel.

  • Item #: 410B


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