Pleated Medium Airway Buffing Pad
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Premium grade industrial fabric produces medium shine when used with intermediate compound such asGreen or White, and also
Busch Super Shine aluminum polish. It can also be used with Tripoli compound on very mild scratches or oxidation. This pad does not require raking as often as non-pleated pads, and holds compound extremely well.

Choose from available sizes:
8" Medium
10" Large 

How to Use:  

  1. Mount pad onto handheld buffer using 60054 adaptor and 60075 flanges. Or, mount pad to bench buffer using appropriate centerplate and flange. Be aware of the leading edge of the material on the pad. Mount pad so it turns away from the leading edge, not into it.
  2. Grind pad into white or green compound bar, melting the compound onto the pad. Buff metal in the direction of pad rotation. Do not pull back accross in the opposite direction. Instead, lift pad and move to new section, buffing in the direction of pad rotation.
  3. Follow with soft white pad, including regular Soft, Canton Flannel, or Domet Flannel. Use Ultra White or Ultra Green Compound.


  • Produces medium shine with moderate abrasion.
  • More cut with less heat than a full disk pad
  • Centerplates can be removed and replaced with larger holes for use on bench buffers.
  • Excellent one step pad for quick jobs.
  • Reduced raking required. Pad stays cleaner than non-pleated airways. 
  • Item #: 62220

Pleated Medium Airway Buffing Pad

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