Spiral Stitched Full Disk
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 Premium grade commercial fabric for superior abrasion resistance and excellent service life. 1/4" stitch spacing reduces snagging on sharp edges and small parts such as nuts and bolts.  Available in Starched Yellow and Standard White.  Narrow widths also available, call for details.

Starched Yellow: Starched yellow fabric. Offers more abrasion resistance (cut) than untreated white fabric buffs. Excellent for cut on stainless steel. 60 ply. Not 40 ply like competitors.

Standard White: Standard untreated white fabric. Excellent all purpose cutting buff. Can be used for both initial cut and intermediate color buff.  60 ply. Not 40 ply like competitors.

X-Small: 4", 1/2" arbor hole


Medium: 8", 5/8"

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Spiral Stitched Full Disk

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