X-Firm Blue Airway Buffing Pad
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Blue treated fabric has more abrasion resistance than the yellow firm material. Great on aluminum tread plate, diamond plate and stainless steel. Use with cutting compounds such as Emery or Tripoli.

Available sizes:
8" Medium
10" Large 

How to Use:    

Mount pad onto handheld buffer using 60054 adaptor and 60075 flanges. Or, mount pad to bench buffer using appropriate centerplate and flange. Be aware of the leading edge of the material on the pad. Mount pad so it turns away from the leading edge, not into it.

  1. Make sure Stainless Steel is clean and does not have any pits or scratches that can be felt with a fingernail. Sand surface if necessary.
  2. Grind pad into Emery compound bar until compound melts onto pad. Buff metal in the direction of pad rotation. Do not pull back accross the opposite direction. Instead, lift off the surface and do next section in the direction of pad rotation.
  3. Follow with Medium White or Pleated White Airway Pads using Green Compound Bar.


  • Produces low shine with medium abrasion.
  • More cut with less heat than a full disk pad.
  • Centerplates can be removed and replaced with larger holes for use on bench buffers.
  • Excellent one step pad for quick jobs that do not require high shine.
  • Removes moderate pitting and scratches from Stainless Steel and Aluminum.
  • Item #: 62400

X-Firm Blue Airway Buffing Pad

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